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I realized a little while ago that my profile required a massive overhaul, but I've been lazy busy and I'm going to do my best to keep it brief. I've gotten a little better at concision since I started university, so I might actually accomplish it this time. My name is Ali and I'm a huge nerd. I'm majoring in English, minoring at French and, despite the readings, I still manage to spend an ungodly amount of time on the Internet. I'm in fandom more often than not, though I tend to read more than I actually engage with the community. I'd like to change that, but some of my (real-life) reserve can creep into my online activity and I don't think I have the capacity for real devotion at the moment. I can never seem to finish long fic, but I love to write as well as read, roleplay, and rughook. I procrastinate an embarrassing amount; I like anime/manga and competitive reality shows (e.g. So You Think You Can Dance), but I've more-or-less abandoned TV since I started university a couple years ago. I try to make up for it in the summer, but I have such a huge backlog that I might be a lost cause :P. My interests are listed below, but, very broadly, I'm curious about and/or invested in literature, language, linguistics, history, culture, philosophy, and social justice in all its many forms. I hope to reimmerse myself in current events, politics, and debate very, very soon, since I'm not as much on top of things as I once was, but it's a work in progress.

I rarely ever post, but if I do, it likely won't have much to do with day-to-day life unless I actually participate in a 30-entries-30-days challenge and, at the moment, one-a-month is beyond me. Feel free to friend me if you like, but please keep in mind that I'm deeply opposed to discrimination in any form and I find it hard to tolerate *ist language. I will likely slip up from time to time myself--and don't hesitate to let me know if that's the case--but I do my best and I hope for the same from those around me :).

Bien sûr, je parle (et j'écris) français, mais j'ai beaucoup pour apprendre. N'hesitez de m'en parler ou de me corriger quand je fais des fautes. (Je me doute que j'ai fait des erreurs ici, mais j'espère que quelqu'un va me dire si on en remarque!)

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